About Us

The Rocket Revue is a swingin’, rockin’ blues band from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. The Rocket plays many musical styles: blues, jazz, rock, R & B and soul.

I started the Rocket Revue (originally called The Rocket 88’s) because I wanted a band with a really strong rhythm section, combined with a powerful horn section, that had the ability to play on its own or to add featured guests. I wanted to have a band with a variety of front players and lead vocalists as well. We have all of the above – and more.

When the Rocket Revue plays, it’s not just a gig, it’s an experience! The sheer power of the horn section drives, and defines, the unique sound of the Rocket Revue.

Greg Weichel

Much work has gone into making The Rocket Revue a success...

Sue Logan Manager & Promotions
Mike Reynolds Social Media
Michael Rogers Website, Photography & Marketing
Jackie Wimbush    Photography & Promotions

We would also like to thank Phil Connor for providing us with a plethora of video and images he has taken over the years and our friend Jim for providing rehearsal space and a secret hideaway. Your contributions are much appreciated.