Greg Weichel

Trumpet player, Greg Weichel, is the leader of the Rocket Revue. In Greg’s 35+ years of playing, he has played a variety of musical styles during his years with The Peterborough Symphony Orchestra (15 Years), The Peterborough Concert Band (18 years), The Kawartha Jazz Ensemble (3 years) and The Channel Cats (2 years). Greg has played at the Market Hall with Garth Hudson (The Band) and Johnnie Johnson (Chuck Barry), both rock ‘n roll hall of famers. Greg also played at the Festival of Lights with Ron Collier of the Duke Ellington Band. Greg has played off and on with the Weber Brothers when they have needed horns for some of their bigger shows. Greg started The Rocket Revue in order to have exactly the kind of band that he loves: a versatile swingin’, rockin’, blues band with that big horn sound!